• Begleitheizung für eine Ölfeuerungsanlage
  • Beheizung Absperrarmatur
  • Behälterbodenheizung
  • Behälterheizung in einer Chemieanlage
  • Filterbeheizung in einer Müllverbrennungsanlage
  • Gasflaschenheizer in Ex-Ausführung

Plastic Insulated Heating Cables

The cables consist of a stranded heating conductor, surrounded by an electrical insulation made of various high temperature polymers. A nickel-plated copper braid provides mechanical protection and a low impedance ground connection. Heating cables are used with FEP, PFA or PTFE sheath. The plastic sheath offers optimal protection and application to chemicals and aggressive environmental conditions. Depending to the plastic sheath the maximum operating temperature is +260 °C.