Accessories, Spare Parts

Compensating cable 6-way

6-way, NiCr-Ni,25 m long, fitted with Thermoplug and Thermorsocket for the connection between the heat treatment unit and the thermocouples

Ref.-No. 1506604

Compensating cable

1-way, NiCr-Ni, 30 m long, fitted with Thermoplug and Thermosocket, for the connection between Heat treatment unit and thermocouple.

Ref.-No. 1506601

Compensation cable

NiCr-Ni, 1-way, with thermocouple-plug, 5 m

Ref.-No. 1506602

Compensating cable

NiCr-Ni, in rolls of 100 m

Ref.-No. 1506603

Thermocouple plug

Thermocouple plug, NiCr-Ni

Ref.-No. 1503046


Thermosocket, NiCr-Ni

Ref.-No. 1503047

Thermo mounting socket

Thermo mounting socket, NiCr-Ni

Ref.-No. 1503048


2-way, ceramic insulated

Ref.-No. 1602123

Thermocouple wire

NiCr-Ni, 2 x 0,7 mm, roll 100 m

Ref.-No. 1643000