Compact and mobile:
The Ti-M series in 120kW and 60kW power variants is the ideal solution for piping construction, apparatus building, tank building and mechanical engineering. Optimised in terms of performance, these induction heat treatment units are user friendly, versatile and reliable – featuring considerably reduced volume, weight and dimensions. The Ti-M series needs no more space than a Euro pallet and even the 120kW performance variant weighs considerably less than 1.000 kg. The induction heat treatment units can be quickly and easily transported using a forklift truck or a van.

Latest technology:
Process-optimised electronic control system and advanced power electronics such as the IGBT technology (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor). Controlled heating by eletronic monitoring. All significant process parameters are displayed.


Induction Heat Treatment Units Series Ti-M 
Description  Ref.-No.
Induction Heat Treatment Unit Type Ti-M 120 8880120
Induction Heat Treatment Unit Type Ti-M 60 8880060
  • Compact and mobile due to compact overall dimensions and low weight.
  • Can be connected to the mains by means of standardised three-phase plug or direct connections possible.
  • Flexible inductors ensure perfect adjustment to the dimension and geometry of the work piece.
  • Possibility to connect portable inductors.
  • Modern electronic system for control, adjustment and monitoring.
  • Programme controller for programming the required heat treatment parameters.
  • Mains and resonant circuit current monitoring and regulated output power.
  • Internal potential isolation.
  • Integrated liquid/air recirculation system: no additional cooling water supply required during standard operation.
  • Additional connections for external cooling water supply at ambient temperatures of up to +50°C.
  • Reliable operation even when passing through Curie-temperature.




Technical details are subject to change.

Mobile induction heat treatment unit
Typ Ti-M 120 Ti-M 60
Supply voltage: V 400 / 500 400 / 500
Mains frequency: Hz 40 to 60 40 to 60
Power input: kVA 145 73
Rated power output: kW 120 60
Mains current: A 202 101
can also be operated at: A 63 / 125 63
Output voltage: V 650 650
Resonant circuit current: A 1200 1200
Operating frequency: kHz 2-5 2-5
Process controller:   T144 T144
Permissible ambient temperature with integrated cooling
°C -20 to +35 -20 to +35
Protection class:   IP 23/IP 54 IP 23/IP 54
Dimensions (W x D x H) app.with transport eyebolts
mm 800x1200x1754 800x1200x1754
Weight approx: kg 935 785