The THERMOPROZESS group has its origin in the 1977-founded company THERMOPROZESS Society for Applied Thermodynamics mbH. In more than 35 years, the THERMOPROZESS Group has acquired extensive technical and practical knowledge. We stand for quality and reliability. Our companies are specializes in the core areas of heat treatment, at the same time it is a permanent exchange among the companies within.

Proximity to customers is one of our most important principles. Only then can we recognize your needs and respond to them, so you can always be flexible and act efficiently in your workflow. We offer reliable solutions that are versatile and ensure your economical operations. From the planning to the implementation of heat treatments, ranging from a 1 inch girth weld to component with a weight of several hundred tons, the manufacturing of a complete range of heat treatment equipment, electrical trace heating systems, we are at your disposal with quality and expertise, user-friendly concepts and customized solutions.

We are constantly developing not only our technology, but also we keep our expertise up to date. Many years of experience and continuous self-improvement make us the experts in the market. Our trained staff works for you at eight locations worldwide - flexible, fast and reliable.


Development of the THERMOPROZESS group

1977 Foundation of THERMOPROZESS Society for Applied Thermodynamics mbH in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

1985 Distribution and outsourcing of business units performing heat treatment operations and manufacturing of heat treatment equipment and accessories in two new companies.

1986 Extension to the division temporary furnaces.

1987 Extension to the business segment heat tracing systems.

1990 Opening of sites in Saarlouis / Saarland and Train / Bavaria, for performing heat treatments.

1992 Acquisition of the THERMO FRANCE, Marseille-Vitrolles/Frankreich.

1997 Foundation of LFG Induktionswärme, Mülheim an der Ruhr.

1998 Foundation of SVARSERVIS THERMOPROZESS, Ostrava / Czech Republic.

1999 Opening of site Werder / Brandenburg, for performing heat treatments.

2000 Foundation of THERMOPROZESS Egypt, Cairo / Egypt.

2001 Foundation of THERMOPROZESS Heating system, Mülheim an der Ruhr.

2005 Foundation of THERMOPROZESS Wärmebehandlungen Austria, Linz / Austria.

2011 Opening of site in Mannheim, for performing heat treatments.

2013 Changing company names:

      - from THERMOPROZESS Wärmebehandlungsservice GmbH into THERMOPROZESS Wärmebehandlung GmbH
from LFG Induktionswärme GmbH into THERMOPROZESS Induktionswärme GmbH.